The Future of Robotics and What Robots Can Do

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Science and technology have evolved so much now, that we have access to amazing things. The computer is just one of those things that keep on being developed by scientists, and everything that is build is done on this basis.

14Everyone has seen science fiction movies, where robots appear and where different tasks are completed by robots with simple commands. The truth is that we’re not far from this. Everything that is on the market – every device and machine that is used in the house or on the street is based on a certain type of computer – a computer that understands what you ask from it.

It’s also true that many of these devices are very simple in functioning and you get the right reaction by just pushing a button – however, you only get one or two reactions. For example, you can consider the coffee maker – which is just a machine operating with water and coffee and which gives you the aromatic coffee that you love by just pushing a button.

Let’s see some interesting things about the future of robotics.

The Present

For now, scientists are trying to determine how to make a robot to follow a human command. It’s about a verbal command and we can have access to small devices that are not quite robots, but which can represent the basic development in this direction. There are lightning equipments that can be controlled by voice or by a clap of your hand, there are also other devices in the house that can be controlled through the smart phone with a simple app or a phone call, and there are also cars that can park alone with just a simple command.

However, scientists are thinking further and further.

The Future

There is a prototype made by some scientists for a robot that can give you information in a hotel – you can ask questions and the robot uses the data base to form answers and choose the right words. This is just the beginning, but in just a few years you might have robotic maids in hotels and you might be able to tell them to change you the towels in the room or to clean the glasses.

There is also a prototype for a robot that knows how to cook. At the moment, it is specialized only in cutting vegetables, but soon enough scientists will be able to make it stir a spot, combine the right ingredients and even tell you what a food recipe needs to make a perfect dish.

What Robots Could Do

It’s not something unimaginable, because we’ve been surrounded by machines for a long time now – we
have intelligent phones, also known as smart phones that can make different tasks and help people with their work, there are cars that can park themselves and dive alone through different roads, recognizing the signs and the traffic elements, and there are also factories where all people have to do is supervise the process that takes place there.

Everything is based on computers and the commands that these computers get, so it won’t be far away when people will be able to give a verbal command and the computer to answer. This is actually the base of everything that is considered robotic – a super-computer that can understand different requirements and which can give an according answer in a language that the person understands

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